Founded in January 2016, the Center for Advanced Theory (CAT) at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) is engaged in developing a critically active intellectual community.

The Center hopes to become a leading institution in theoretical investigations in the field of liberal arts and human sciences. We provide facilities in advanced research in diverse areas of intellectual activities. Our program comprises three tiers of activity, viz., supporting research, provide advanced teaching (by means of workshops, seminars, public lectures, colloquiums), and editing research publications (in the form of monographs, occasional papers, journals, bulletins).  Our works, in addition, aims at promoting a wide intercultural exchange in advanced research.

Ever since its inception, the Center is offering a series of thickly attended workshops and public lectures on contemporary themes. We host a Visiting Professor Lecture Series which throws on average a dozen public lectures every year.  We have so far has put out two academic series, viz., “Occasional Papers in Theory” (launched in April 2016) and “Apostrophe: Working Papers of the Center for Advanced Theory” (first published in September 2017). We are currently at work on a bulletin of the Center.

The Center’s future projects include studies in the fields of language and literature, society and history, analytical theories in arts and sciences, and not least in ethics and politics. For dissemination of the work done at the Center, we organize regular public lectures, colloquiums, and seminars.

Our research theme series this year (beginning Spring, 2020) is on the topic of Crisis in Contemporary Ethics. Accordingly, our projected program is a series of public lectures by the Center’s director Salimullah Khan on the topic of “ETHICS FROM ARISTOTLE TO ALAIN BADIOU”.

Center for Advanced Theory (CAT) Members

The Universityof Liberal Arts Bangladesh and its curricula are accredited by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh, and approved by the Ministry of Education, Government of People's Republic of Bangladesh.